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Hawaiian Studies (AA-HWST)

E hea i ke kanaka e komo ma loko e hānai ai a hewa ka waha.

Call to the person to enter; feed him until he can take no more.
Originally a reply to a password into a hula school. Used later in songs and in speech to extend hospitality. -‘Ōlelo No‘eau 277


A two-year Baccalaureate direct transfer Associate in Arts degree consisting of 62 semester credits at the 100 and 200 levels. The Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies is designed for students who are preparing to transfer to a four‑year college or university and who have an interest in achieving a qualification that would be beneficial in the workforce or other areas of study where a foundational knowledge of the Native Hawaiian host culture can complement their worldview.

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To earn the Associate in Arts in Hawaiian Studies Degree from Hawai'i CC, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Credits Required: A total of 62 credits earned at or transferred to Hawai'i CC in 100-200 level courses
  2. A minimum of 12 credits must be completed at Hawai'i CC
  3. Minimum GPA Required: A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required for graduation
  4. CR/NC option may be used to satisfy area and general elective requirements (Policy Haw 5.503)

Foundations (12 credits)
Written Communication (FW) (3 credits):

  • Eng 100 (Writing)

Quantitative Reasoning (FQ) (3 credits):

  • Math 100

Global & Multicultural Perspectives (FG) (6 credits) in 2 different groups:

  • Group A - Prehistory to 1500: Hist 151
  • Group B - 1500 to Modern Times: Hist 152
  • Group C - Prehistory to Modern Times: (none at this time)

Hawaiʻi CC Required Courses (6 credits)
College Reading Skills:

  • Eng 102 (Reading)

Communication Skills:

  • Sp 151

Graduation Requirements
Writing Intensive:

  • One WI course with a "C" or better grade

Hawaiian Language and Hawaiian Studies
Requirements (12 credits)
Hawaiian Language (8 credits):

  • Haw 101, 102

Hawaiian Studies (4 credits):

  • HwSt 103, 107

Specializations (13 credits)
Choose one group

  • Hula (13 credits): HwSt 130, 131, 260, plus 4 additional credits of Haw and/or HwSt courses (at least 3 credits must be at the 200-level)
  • Kapuahi Foundations (13 credits): HwSt 260, plus 10 additional credits of Haw and/or HwSt courses (at least 3 credits must be at the 200-level)

Diversifications (19 credits)
Diversifications - Arts, Humanities, Literature: Six (6) credits required in 2 different areas (DH and DL required):

Diversification - Humanities (DH):

  • HwSt 100

Diversification - Literature (DL):

  • HwSt 270

Diversifications - Natural Sciences: Seven (7) credits: three (3) credits from Biological Sciences, and (3) credits from Physical Sciences. One of these courses must be accompanied by a one (1) credit Natural Science Lab:

Diversification - Biological Sciences (DB):

  • Biol 100, 101, 124, 156, 171
  • Bot 101
  • Geog 170
  • Micr 130
  • Phyl 141
  • Zool 101

Diversification - Physical Sciences (DP):

  • Astr 110
  • Chem 100 Phys 105

Diversification - Natural Science Lab (DY):

  • Biol 100L, 101L, 124L, 156L, 171L
  • Bot 101L Chem 100L Micr 140L Phyl 141L Zool 101L

Diversifications - Social Sciences: Six (6) credits required in 2 different alphas:

Diversification - Social Sciences (DS):

  • Anth 150, 200
  • Bot 105
  • ECEd 131
  • FamR 230
  • Geog 122
  • HSer 110
  • Psy 100, 170, 275
  • Soc 100, 218
  • SSci 111
  • WS 151

NOTE: Students may not use Independent/Directed Studies courses (marked 199 or 299) to meet area requirements unless prior permission is given by the advisor and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Additionally, courses numbered 99 or below are not applicable toward an Associate in Arts degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion, students are prepared to:

  • Describe aboriginal Hawaiian linguistic, cultural, historical, and political concepts.
  • Apply aboriginal Hawaiian concepts, knowledge, and methods to the areas of science, humanities, arts, and social sciences, in academics and in other professional endeavors.
  • Engage, articulate, and analyze topics relevant to the aboriginal Hawaiian community using college-level research and writing methods.

Course Learning Outcomes

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