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Registering for a DE Class

What’s offered?

As a Hawai‘i Community College student, you can register for a DE class offered through your home campus, or through any of the other six UHCC campuses (Honolulu, Kapiolani, Leeward, Windward, Maui, and Kauai), as long as you meet the course and program requirements for that class. Check with your counselor or the Admissions and Records Office if you have questions or special circumstances (e.g. you only want to take DE classes or have questions about credit transferability).

To view DE courses offered at all UH campuses, go to the UH Distance Learning website. However, before registering for a DE class, check the class availability listing to confirm space availability, and review all course information and notes listed for any specific requirements the class might have.

Registration process

Once you have chosen a DE class and have determined that you meet all of the requirements for the course, your next step is to register for the DE course through MyUH, just as you would register for a regular Hawai‘i CC class.

Your home campus (Hawai‘i CC) will provide you with student and academic support services, including academic advising, registration, financial aid.

NOTE: If you are an international student with an F-1 visa, check with your counselor for further information before registering for a DE class.

DE & Financial Aid

You may be able to apply your financial aid award to a DE course, but there may be additional forms or requirements. Before registering for a DE class, check with your faculty advisor or counselor for more information.

Textbook Info

Booklist information is available three weeks before classes begin at the host campus bookstore website.

Purchasing Options:

  • In person at the host campus bookstore
  • Order online at the host campus bookstore website. When you order online, you will have the option of having the books mailed to your home or book pick-up at the host campus bookstore. Book pick-up ordering available before Spring and Fall semester classes begin at specified times. Check bookstore website for information. Pick-up option will be removed from the website the Wednesday before school starts.
  • Order books through the UH Mānoa Bookstore Ecommerce Department at 1-800-UHBOOKS (1-800-842-6657). This option is for those unable to purchase online or travel to the host campus bookstore. Orders received will be forwarded on to the respective campus' bookstore for order processing. Please have your course information and your credit card available when you call.


Question: Who can take DE classes?
Answer: If you have been accepted to, or are a current student of Hawai'i Community College (or any other University of Hawai'i Community College), you can register for DE courses offered through any of the University of Hawai'i Community College campuses.

Question: How do I find out what DE classes are being offered?
Answer: Visit the UH DE course listing for a master list of all DE courses being offered from all UH campuses.

Question: How do I register for DE classes?
Answer: Register for distance education online through your MyUH Portal. Registering for DE classes are done in the same way you would register for regular Hawai'i CC classes. Just make sure to select the correct campus offering the course when inputting the course information on the Add/Drop Courses page.

Question: Can I use my financial aid award for DE classes?
Answer: If you have been awarded financial aid from Hawai‘i Community College, you may be able to apply your financial aid award to DE classes. However, there are rules and requirements, and you should check with your faculty advisor or counselor before registering for DE classes.