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KA‘AO - KAI (Kauhale Analytics & Intelligence)

KA‘AO - KAI (Kauhale Analytics & Intelligence)

Culture of Evidence Using the Kaʻao Framework

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Hua: Anchored in the Spirit of E ‘Imi Pono

In the spirit of E ʻImi Pono (seeking/experiencing excellence), Hawaiʻi Community College is committed to a culture of evidence that informs how we support lifelong learners, capable of meeting the complex challenges of our island and global communities. We believe that a rigorous analysis of relevant data and information will contribute to achieving our ILOs.


Ha‘alele: Data, Information & Report

  • What data & information are you seeking?
  • Why are you seeking this information? Who is the audience?
  • How do you see your inquiry strengthening our ILO?

(See Factbook)


Huaka‘i: Analytical Review and Storytelling (Sharing)

Please describe at least 3 takeaways from this data. You may use guiding questions below.

  • How does this information support our mission, ILO and Goals (1. Ensuring success of our students, 2. Meeting educational needs of Hawaiʻi Island, and 3. Strengthening our Kauhale)
  • How does this information support your work plan and your goals and duties/responsibilities

Please describe at least 2 actions you and/or your unit and/or campus leadership and/or our Kauhale can take now.

  • Consider what we should stop doing
  • Consider what we should continue to do
  • Consider what we should start doing

Please describe at least one question or clarification you still have.


Ho‘ina: Tangible Actions and Next Steps

What are the themes and recommendations?


Ha‘ina: Evaluation and Reflection

On the next evaluation or after implementation, what have we learned?
How do we move forward?