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The Learning Center offering Summer Workshops for English Prep and Transition to College for Fall 2018!

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Monday-Friday 8am to 4:15pm
Phone: (808) 934-2530

The Learning Center is committed to providing students with a variety of support services which contribute to academic success and learning.  Peer tutoring services provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment where students learn effective study skill techniques, become active participants in their learning process, and develop a positive approach toward learning which will facilitate achievement of their academic goals.

TLC services include:

  • Subject-specific tutoring for a wide range of classes (by appointment and walk-in)
  • Support for English language learners
  • Computer lab for classes and individual use
  • Make-up testing
  • Space for workshops

Our vision is to encourage and support student success through our 5 core values:

  • Respect diversity
  • Honor confidentiality
  • Demonstrate patience and compassion
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Promote independent learning and critical thinking

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When face-to-face tutoring is unavailable, try one of the resources below.
EdReady can also be used for ACCUPLACER preparation!