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Writing Intensive Courses emphasize that clear,  well-organized writing is a way of acquiring, analyzing, and communicating knowledge and that the act of writing does not merely record or reformulate thought but generates thought as well.

This page has been set up for students enrolled in writing intensive classes at Hawai`i Community College.  The links provided below can assist you in gathering information,  writing a paper,  documenting sources, and understanding difficult reading passages.

Help with gathering information from the World Wide Web

Help with grammar, sentence structure, essay format, and documentation:

Help with  understanding difficult reading passages

The SQ3R is a classic process for tackling difficult reading passages.  You may have learned the five steps--Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review--in the past; but if not or if you need a review, the links below provide a slide show of the steps.  If you apply each of the steps carefully, you will master difficult  reading material in an efficient manner.

Citation Manuals Available on the Internet