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Early Childhood Education (ECED) Early Childhood Education
Earn College Credit with Prior Learning Assessments Prior Learning Assessment
EdReady @ Hawaii CC HawCC
Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology (EIMT) Electrical Installation and Maintenance Technology
Electronic Classroom Hale Kea Advancement and Testing Center
Electronics Technology (ET) Electronics Technology
Eligibility Requirements Financial Aid
Emergency Assistance Counseling, Advising & Support Services Center
Emergency Operations Plan Campus Security
employment policies and procedures for student employees The Learning Center
English as a Second Language (ESL) English as a Second Language (ESL)
English Courses English
English Faculty English
English Resources English
ESL Class Information ESL Lab
ESL Lessons and Links ESL Lab
evacuation policy The Learning Center
Evaluation Procedures For Writing Intensive Courses Writing Intensive Program
Experience Kauhale HawCC
External Affairs & College Relations External Affairs
Facility Use Application Directions Planning, Operations & Maintenance
Faculty Math & Natural Sciences
Faculty & Staff Calendar Faculty and Staff
Faculty & Staff Directory About Hawaii CC