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Penguin graded readers for adults are now part of the READ Collection for English as Second Language (ESL) students. Click here to learn how to find Penguin Readers in Mookini Library and to find out more about them.

The READ Collection is housed in the Mookini Library on the main/second floor and is available to students of Hawai`i Community College (HawCC) and the University of Hawai`i at Hilo (UHH). It has been developed and is being maintained by Ellen Okuma, HawCC instruction and distance learning librarian, with input from HawCC reading instructors and colleagues at Mookini Library. See READ Collection Philosophy for more information.

READ Collection titles have been divided by the categories indicated below and are alphabetized within each category. You are welcome to browse through the READ Collection lists by selecting a category of interest. Ellen has written a brief description for most of the books to help direct your selections. Try the READ Collection Treasure Hunt to help you choose from a few selected titles. Once you have made your selection(s), print out the READ Collection Worksheet to help you find specific information about a book when you search the library's Public Access Catalog (PAC), Hawai`i Voyager.

You can use the PAC to get the call number and to see if the book is presently available, i.e., NOT CHECKED OUT. To get to Hawai`i Voyager, use the link Read Collection Access to Hawai`i Voyager at the bottom of each READ list. You will be led to Mookini Library's Home Page. From there, select Hawai`i Voyager. Select Search the UH-Hilo Collection only and do a title search for the books you are interested in (be sure to exclude a, an or the if these words appear as the first word of the title). Follow the link for each title to see if it's checked out or not, to find the Library of Congress call number and to be sure you are looking for the copy in the UH-Hilo READ Collection location.

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Books about Hawai'i are marked with a palm tree.  The Fiction category has been divided into two sections because of length. The most recent update usually is indicated near the beginning of each READ Collection category or Web page.


Fiction (A-K)

Fiction (L-Z)

Mythology/Legends/Folktales/Ghost Stories



Short Stories

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The READ Collection web site is being maintained by Ellen Okuma, HawCC Supplemental Instruction Coordinator, with assistance from Reading Lab Coordinator Birch Robison (retired). Images were scanned by Justin Bissell, former UHH student. The content of the READ Collection is decided by Ellen Okuma. You can contact her via e-mail at