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Hawai'i CC student awarded prestigious Presidential Scholarship

Hawai‘i Community College student Sean Kirkpatrick has received the prestigious University of Hawai‘i Presidential Scholarship award that is given each year to students with a record of outstanding academic achievement.

Kirkpatrick is a Natural Science major at Hawai‘i CC who will graduate this spring and begin studying at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo this fall. Kirkpatrick also studied in Hawai'i CC's Tropical Forest Ecosystem and Agroforestry Management program.

“I am highly honored to be the recipient of the UH Presidential Scholarship,” Kirkpatrick said. “This scholarship will make it possible to continue pursuing my educational goals without needing to incur debt with student loans.”

The Presidential Scholarship is typically awarded to 10 students per year from across the University of Hawai‘i system. It is awarded to students who have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.7 for all college-level work, a record of sustained progress in academic courses, and evidence of superior academic achievement or creative endeavor.

Presidential Scholars receive a full tuition waiver for two years of undergraduate study. All scholars receive $4,000 a year and a one-time travel grant of $2,000.

Kirkpatrick has been an active student and is a member of Hawai‘i Community College’s Alpha Psi Epsilon Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

“I think that the most important advice that I could pass along to my fellow students is to be engaged with your campus community,” said Kirkpatrick. “The college experience is more than what takes place in the classroom. By becoming involved in student organizations and attending campus activities you have a fuller academic adventure. My participation in student organizations on campus and internships that benefit the island community greatly aided my educational goals.”

At UH Hilo Kirkpatrick will pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation track. Kirkpatrick’s career goal is to serve Hawai‘i Island as a Natural Resources Manager with the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Kirkpatrick and his fellow Presidential Scholarship recipients will be honored at a recognition dinner in July hosted by the Board of Regents and University of Hawai‘i President David Lassner.