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employment policies and procedures for student employees

The first 90 days on the job are considered a probationary period.  If the work of a student employee is unsatisfactory during this period, a supervisor may terminate the employee without the customary 2 weeks notice.

After a student employee has passed the initial 90-day probationary period, the supervisor will need to provide 2 weeks written notice when terminating the employee.  Incidents leading to termination need to be discussed with the student employee, described in wriitng, dated and placed in the student's file.

Students hired temporarily may be automatically terminated at the end of their appointed period or when funds run out.

Students need to provide a 2-week notice before resigning.

Work Schedules

Student employees are expected to report to work as scheduled.

If student employees are unable to work as scheduled, they are responsible for notifying the Front Office as soon as possible.  If no one answers the phone, please leave a message on the voice mail.       If possible, a 2 hour advance notice of an absence is customary.

Student employees are allowed to work only during non-class time.  If an instructor cancels a class or assigns library time instead of the regularly scheduled class, the student employee does not have the option of working during that time slot.

Student employees are allowed 5 minutes leeway for travel (start 5 minutes earlier).

On the Job

No food is allowed on carpeted areas.  Drinks are allowed in approved (closed, spill-proof, and reusable) containers.

Cell phones should be turned on silent and personal calls should be at a minimum during scheduled working hours, except in an emergency.  Calls must be taken outside. 

Student employees should not touch clients or colleagues in an inappropriate manner while on duty.

Student employees' attire may be casual.  Footwear is required.

Student employees will wear name tags while on duty.

Student employees' children may not accompany their parents to work.

Student employees may not work on their own homework or use TLC computers or printers for personal business during their scheduled working hours.  Student employees should be working on area projects or CRLA. 

Student employees should stay near their designated area so that student clients can easily find them.  Vistitation from one area to another during down time is not allowed, unless you have been asked to help in that area. 

Student employees will refrain from making personal comments about faculty, classes, or college policies in the presence of clients.  These matters may be discussed with coordinators or colleagues in TLC only in the absence of clients.

Student employees are allowed paid rest periods of ten (10) minutes during each four (4) hours of continuous work.  An unpaid meal break of not less than thirty (30) minutes shall be offered if students are expected to work in excess of four (4) hours.  Students may decline the meal break if they wish.

Getting Paid

Student employees will be responsible for accurate reporting of hours worked and a timely submission of timesheets to supervisors for processing.  Timesheets should be updated each work shift.  Not ahead or after the fact.  Timesheets are due on the 15th and end of month.  Pay days are the 5th and 20th of each month.