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Job Description for Tutors

Ensuring that students' academic needs are met is top priority at The Learning Center.  Tutors are critical to this process and are expected to perform a variety of functions.

The following describes the general job expectations of a tutor:

Tutors will assist students and faculty in all operational and academic functions of The Learning Center.

Tutors will be able to tutor Reading, Writing, Math, English as a Second Language, and Learning Skills (including computer skills), etc., as required.

Tutors will help students with subject content according to individual strengths.

Tutors will learn and be able to help students with study strategies and techniques.

Tutors will assist in development and evaluation of tutoring material and services.

Tutors will participate in all TLC training and evaluation sessions.

Tutors will remind students to check in at the front desk before using The Learning Center's resources and, again, before leaving the Center.

Tutors will be assigned duties as the Area Coordinator, TLC Coordinator, Center Manager or Office Manager sees fit.