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What Tutors Gain: The Benefits of Tutoring

Intellectual Scope and Depth

  • Tutors learn the subject matter they tutor to an even greater degree than the students with whom they work. In order to tutor, you must learn the material well enough to answer any questions the students might have. "To do that, you will probably have to learn it from a number of vantage points. This continuous process of studying, tutoring and studying will provide you with a truly solid mastery of the subject. You will also become self-confident from mastering a subject well enough to tutor it.

Skills Acquisition and Reinforcement

  • By tutoring, you gain skills and specific techniques that make your reading, writing, and speaking more effective. Tutoring reinforces your ability to communicate clearly, logically, and creatively. Tutoring exposes you to different learning styles, such as visual, auditory, kinesthetic (tactile) or a combination of styles. You will also become more aware of your personal learning style.

Psychological Insight

  • The greatest benefit of tutoring is not merely the acquisition of academic knowledge. Tutoring includes gaining knowledge of oneself and others. Intellect and emotion are interrelated. Often students let emotional problems interfere with their studies, and difficulties with their studies may result in emotional upsets. Understanding which behavior aid and which behaviors hinder learning is a hard-won but valuable lesson.

Career Development

  • Tutoring allows you the opportunity to develop intellectually, psychologically, and personally. Tutors mature and gain self-confidence as they work. They develop the ability to get along with others by gaining skills of communication, mediation and negotiation. Even if you do not ultimately work in the field you tutor, you will find that you feel more comfortable about working in a professional setting as a result of your tutoring experience.