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ESL Class Information

collage of many languages
[You are not alone...40 different languages are spoken by students at HawCC!]

Aloha! Hawaii Community College (HawCC) offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to help English Language Learning (ELL) students prepare for college level courses.

Classes are divided into 2 levels:

Upper Intermediate English

ESL 97X     English Essential

[This course focuses on the fundamental skills needed to become a proficient reader and writer of English.  This course concentrates on developing reading strategies, academic vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar concepts, and writing through a process approach.]


Advanced English

ESL 21   Developmental Reading

[In this class you will learn about critical reading and how to understand how a writer uses the English language to inform, entertain, and persuade the reader.  You will also learn lots of new academic vocabulary.]

ESL 22G   Grammar for Expository Writing

[In this class you will learn advanced grammar skills to apply to your academic writing.  These skills will help you develop your own writing style with sophistication and clarity.]

ESL 22W   Introduction to Expository Writing

[In this class you will strengthen your academic writing skills by learning how to inform and persuade your readers convincingly.]

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