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Help honor Hawai‘i CC alumni who have contributed to Kīlauea eruption recovery

Hawai'i Community College Carpentry students work on the Model Home Project, a real-world application of their skills that helps prepare them for the workforce. Carpentry alumni were among those who responded to help the community during the recent Kilauea eruption.

UPDATED: Nominations Due December 31.

Hawai‘i Community College Alumni & ‘Ohana is pleased to announce that nominations for the Alumni of the Year Award are now open. The award, established in 2017, recognizes Hawai‘i CC alumni and former students who have made major contributions to their professions, vocations, and/or communities.


The theme for the 2018-19 Alumni of the Year award is “Kupukupu: Building a Resilient Community.” People are encouraged to nominate alumni who helped respond to the effects of the Kīlauea eruption in Puna.

“The Kīlauea eruption of 2018 brought hardship to many Hawai‘i Island residents,” said Hawai‘i CC Chancellor Rachel Solemsaas. “But it also brought out the best in our community and showed why this island is such a special place. Many volunteers and workers who helped residents navigate this difficult time are Hawai‘i Community College alumni. In some cases, they were using skills and knowledge learned at Hawai‘i CC to help their neighbors. Please help us honor them by nominating them for the Alumni of the Year Award.”

Hawai‘i CC chose kupukupu, an indigenous type of sword fern, to represent the theme because the fern is often used to symbolize a place of learning; kupu means to sprout. In addition, the ferns are often the first plants to grow on fresh lava flows, representing new growth and resilience.


To learn more and complete the nomination below please see the forms below.

·       About the Award (PDF)

·       Nomination Form (Fillable PDF)

Nominations are due December 31.

Please submit nominations to Alumni & and ‘Ohana President Colby Koreyasu at You may also mail them to the Hawaii Community College Alumni & ‘Ohana, 1175 Manono St., Hilo, HI 96720.