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Hawai'i Community College and the University of Hawai'i at Hilo are celebrating Lā Honua Earth Day throughout the month of April with in-person and online events.

Lā Honua Earth Month 2022 to Feature Many Events for All Ages

In 2022, Lā Honua Earth Day will be celebrated all month long. Lā Honua + Malama Honua ~ Earth Day + Earth Month will take place in April, which coincides with the Hawaiʻi Lunar Month of Welo.

     >>>See Welcome Message from Chancellor Rachel Solemsaas. (Transcript) 

Wānana i ka Mauliola

Our theme this year is Wānana i ka Mauliola, which references our collective ability to project and therefore manifest a thriving and healthy Honua, Earth. Wānana is to foresee and foretell, and embedded within Mauliola are deep colors in our environment, the state of thriving, and of life and well-being. In the Hawaiʻi context, wānana is intentional and includes working towards an objective. In the Kaʻao model, Hiʻiaka foretold what the outcome would be for particular obstacles and then she worked towards accomplishing it. Mahalo to Noʻel Tagab-Cruz, Coordinator of the Hawaiʻi Life Styles Program at Hawaiʻi Community College, for our theme.

Virtual and In-Person

Activities and events will take place virtually and in-person from April 1 to April 30. While some events are geared towards our Hawaiʻi CC and UH Hilo Kauhale — students, staff and faculty — many events focus on our K-12 learners and their ʻohana.

Hawaiʻi CC & UH Hilo Kauhale

The Lā Honua Earth Day Committee is offering 16 virtual presentations, panels, keynotes, and  kīpaepae, as well as 4 in-person huakaʻi, or excursions, with stewardship opportunities specifically geared towards our UH Kauhale.  

Check out links on this Lā Honua Earth Month Flyer for the calendar of events!  Please click on any of the titles to be taken to individual flyers that include details and event registration links.

We encourage you to attend as many virtual events as you would like!  You need only register one time for any or all virtual events: upon registering, you will receive Zoom links for all scheduled events, and will have the flexibility of attending even those virtual events for which you may not have registered.

You may also visit the UH Hilo & Hawai’i CC Lā Honua 2022 webpage for links and information. 

If you have any questions, please email or contact Drew Kapp at Hawaiʻi CC at or Michelle Shuey at UH Hilo at 

K-12 Learners & ʻOhana

Hawaiʻi CC and UH Hilo have a long standing tradition of celebrating Lā Honua with K-12 students, too. This year, we are offering six huakaʻi, a virtual symposium made up of 12 sessions, and school garden work days at six different Hawai'i Island schools. 

If you have any questions, please email or contact Charlotte Cheek at and Kaʻea Lyons at