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Human Services Conference April 14th-16th: He Huliau No Ke Au Hou

The Hawai‘i Community College Human Services program is proud to celebrate 33 years since its founding. 

In honor of its success, its instructors and its students past and present, we are pleased to announce the offering of the Human Services Program Virtual Conference. He Huliau No Ke Au Hou, recalling the past to inform the future, is a collective of faculty, students, alumni and industry professionals gathering to inspire the Hawai‘i CC Kauhale.

The event organizers stated, “At the heart of the conference is Ka’ao, Transforming the student experience: a 4 stage process founded in Hawaiian myth. Using this framework we will journey through each process individually. Hua (The catalyst) - what sparks your journey; Ha’alele (The Launch) - The separation of what was and what will become; Huaka’i (The journey) - The challenges faced and how you overcome them; Ho’ina (The return )- The reintegration and readdressing of your Hua. Through a series of panel discussions and workshops, our hope is to ignite the spark within to venture on your own journey of Ka’ao.” 

The pre-conference and conference platforms will showcase the abundance of avenues that can be taken through the human services field. It is our hope to inform the Kauhale of the value of human service, igniting the spark within to motivate and discover the full potential of each individual. 

Registration is open to all Hawai‘i Community College students, faculty, staff and individuals within the University System. We also extend our aloha and welcome all community members and organizations to join our conference.  

For more information about this conference and the HSER program visit the Unity With Aloha web page at

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