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Former tutor donates to the Hawai'i CC Learning Center

A decades old promise has turned into a donation to the Hawai'i Community College Learning Center.

Chanh Chi, who was a tutor at the Learning Center 25 years ago, recently made a generous donation of $6,000 to establish a Learning Center enrichment fund. On Tuesday, July 30, 2019 Chi and his family returned to the Learning Center and spent time with the current tutors, faculty, staff and administrators of Hawai'i CC.

Chi earned his bachelor's degree in math from the University of Hawai'i at Hilo in 1995 and has thrived in Silicon Valley as an Information Technology director for the software company VMware. As part of his 12 year anniversary with the company, VMware provided a grant that Chi could donate to a nonprofit of his choice. He chose the Hawai’i CC Learning Center, he said, because he knew it would "actually make a noticeable difference." In making his decision, Chi also recalled a conversation he had decades ago with retired Learning Center Director Guy Kimura.

"After I graduated, I came back, met with him and we were kind of joking and he was talking about donating back, and I thought, OK, when I make millions of dollars or something I'll donate something," Chi recalled. "It turns out I'm working for this company and as part of the 12 year anniversary they gave me a grant and they said, OK, you can donate to a nonprofit of your choice. I thought back to that and thought, OK, here's a chance for me to make good on that promise."

The Learning Center provides students with a variety of support services that contribute to academic success and learning. Peer tutoring services provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment where students learn effective study skill techniques, become active participants in their learning process, and develop a positive approach toward learning which will facilitate achievement of their academic goals.

Congratulations on your success, Chanh Chi, and mahalo for your generosity!