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My Success Referral

Hawaiʻi Community College is committed to student success and retention. The My Success Referral is a tool that allows us to identify students who are having challenges and then connects them with services that can help them be successful.

There are 3 criteria for a My Success Referral:

  1. Student must be demonstrating a pattern of behavior.
  2. The instructor has made attempts to address the behavior and/or academic concerns, but attempts have been unsuccessful or the student is not getting enough support.
  3. The student should need additional support, outside of what is provided in the classroom.

Pre-referral process:

pre-referral process

Best Practices for an My Success Referral:

At the beginning of the semester, inform students about the possibility that he/she may be referred to the Counseling Center.
At Hawai'i Community College, we are focused on student success. By supporting students holistically, we can attempt to teach students how to successfully navigate the multiple demands and responsibilities that can impact their success during their academic journey.

Letting students know in advance that a referral to Counseling may be a possibility, will avoid students being caught "off-guard" when/if they are referred. It will also let students know that you are concerned about their welfare that we have support available, and they are not being "singled-out" by a referral to the Counseling Center.

A MySuccess Referral is a Student Support Program, NOT a Disciplinary Measure!
Students who get referred often think they are "in trouble". Explaining to students that the Referral is a program designed to support students be academically successful may debunk this misperception.

Include a short blurb about MySuccess Referral in your syllabi.
By including information in your syllabi you 1) remember to discuss the possibility of a referral with your classes and 2) there is documentation that you told your students that a referral may occur.

What Happens After an My Success Referral is Submitted?

  1. Instructor submits a MySuccess referral.
  2. MySuccess will generate an email to the student to inform him/her that a referral has been made.
  3. MySuccess notifies the assigned counselor that a referral has been generated.
  4. Counselor attempts to make contact with student.
  5. Counselor meets with student and makes referrals as appropriate, and assists with staying on track with their academics (academic plan, success strategies, financial aid, personal issues, etc.).
  6. A close the loop email to referring instructor will be generated after the counselor contacts/meets with the student and/or attempts to contact the student has been made.
  7. At the end of the semester, an end-of-term report will be disseminated to VCSA, VCAA, Deans, and Instructors at the close of the semester.