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In response to the challenges presented by COVID-19, Hawai'i Community College is closed to the general public at this time, but still open to students and employees essential in supporting our delivery of classes. We are currently planning for a safe, successful return to campus for the Fall 2020 semester. Please find additional information at

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts (LBRT)

The Associate in Arts degree Program, also referred to as the Liberal Arts (LBRT) Program, is designed for students who are preparing themselves to transfer to a four-year college or university.

Program Location: Hilo and Pālamanui (Kona)
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Upon successful completion, students are prepared to: 

  • Communicate Effectively - Speak and write to communicate information and ideas in academic settings.
  • Think Critically - Retrieve, read, and utilize information and synthesize, analyze and evaluate that information to gain understanding and make informed decisions.
  • Reason Quantitatively - Use quantitative, logical and symbolic reasoning to address theoretical and real-world problems.
  • Apply Areas of Knowledge - Utilize methods, perspectives and content of selected disciplines in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.
  • Engage as Global Citizens - Demonstrate awareness of the relationship between self, community and the environment, respecting cultural diversity and an understanding of ethical behavior.

Memo: Liberal Arts Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs) alignment [PDF]


  • Babagay, C.
  • Baldan-Jenkins, L. Chin, V.
  • Claveria, S.
  • Cravens, T. (WH)
  • Dansereau, S.
  • Dean, T. (WH)
  • Flores, E. (WH)
  • Giordanengo, S.
  • Hu, M.
  • Jones, L. (WH)
  • Kaio, P.
  • Kalauli, R.
  • Kanahele, K.
  • Kapp, D.
  • Kiyuna, A.
  • Kotecki, K.
  • Landgraf, K.
  • Larish, M.
  • Laurich, B.
  • Madrid, D.
  • Marlow, C.
  • Marlow, J.
  • McDaniel, J.
  • Minassian, J.
  • Mospens, C.
  • Naguwa, C.
  • Nahm-Mijo, T.
  • Namba, R. (WH)
  • Phillips, M.
  • Qolouvaki, T.
  • Rodriguez, N.
  • Salvador, D.
  • Scheffler, P.
  • Schumaker, J.
  • Shaver, E. (WH)
  • Sims, K. (WH)
  • Smith, J.
  • Steele, O.
  • Stradtmann-Carvalho, J.
  • Tagab-Cruz, N.
  • Tangaro, T.
  • Tsugawa, D. (WH)
  • Watanabe, B.
  • Weeks, D.
  • Wilcox-Boucher, C.