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Substance Abuse Counseling Program

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Certificate of Completion in Substance Abuse Counseling  Program Requirements

 SUBS 140 Individual Counseling

3 Credits

 SUBS 245 Group Counseling

3 Credits

 SUBS 268 Survey of Substance Abuse Problems

3 Credits

 SUBS 270 Substance Abuse Counseling

3 Credits

 SUBS 294 Substance Abuse Practicum I

3 Credits

 SUBS 295 Substance Abuse Practicum II

3 Credits

  One Elective As Listed Below

3 Credits



Electives: Any one (3 credits) of the following courses:

AJ 101 Introduction to Administration of Justice,  AJ 208 Criminology,  AJ 210 Juvenile Justice,  AJ 280 Current Issues,  AJ 285 Narcotics and Organized Crime,  FamR 230 Human Development,   HwSt 221 Hawaiian Culture in Transition, Phrm 203 General Pharmacology, Psy 100 Survey of Psychology, Psy 170  Psychology of Adjustment, Psy 275 Psychology and the Expressive Arts, Soc 100 Survey of General Sociology, Soc 218 Social Problems and Social Issues,  Soc 251 Introduction to Sociology of the Family, Soc 290 Hawaii’s People, SUBS 245 Case Management, SUBS 262 Adolescent Counseling,  SUBS 298A (275) Families and Addiction, SUBS 280 Co-occurring Disorders

 Program prerequisites:  Eng 22 or Placement in ENG 100, and Eng 21 or Placement in ENG 102





 SUBS 140
 Individual Counseling


Focuses on theoretical approaches and interviewing skills used in counseling chemically dependent individuals.  This course also examines ethical issues and self-care in substance abuse counseling.
  CoReq. SUBS 268 or Consent of Instructor

 SUBS 245
 Group Counseling

Provides theoretical and experiential training in facilitating groups.  Examines the process of group facilitation and group membership.  Exploring task facilitation, psychoeducational counseling, and psychotherapy groups in the treatment of chemically dependent individuals and their families.  Ethical issues and self-care of the group facilitator will also be addressed.  PreReq: SUBS 140



SUBS 268
 Survey of Substance Abuse Problems



Survey of Substance Abuse Problems
 is designed to provide students  a general and basic understanding of substance use, abuse and dependency. The course will explore the historical and societal perceptions of substance use, patterns and trends of use, societal and legal responses to drugs and alcohol. Description of psychoactive drugs, their effects and methods of ingestion and the effects on the individual. Methods of prevention, intervention and treatment will be identified and analyzed.
Eng 21 and ENG 22 and ESL 15 or Placement in Eng 100 and Eng 102 or Consent of Instructor



 SUBS 270
!2 Core Functions of Substance Abuse Counseling


Substance Abuse Counseling
focuses on the treatment process, including some intervention and prevention issues, as it applies specifically to the substance-abusing population.  Ethical and legal issues for the substance abuse counselor will be identified.  A primary theme in this course will be the explication of the Twelve Core Functions of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor.
PreReq: SUBS 268 or Consent of Instructor


 SUBS 294
Substance Abuse Practicum I


SUBS 294 is an exploratory internship for majors who wish to gain field experience in a substance abuse agency setting.  The focus of this course is to introduce students to the practical experience of the Twelve Core Functions of a Substance Abuse Counselor by observation and practice, when appropriate.  Co-req: SUBS 140 & 268


SUBS 295
Substance Abuse Practicum II


Substance Abuse Practicum II provides advanced fieldwork experience in the same agency selected for Practicum I or in another agency.  Students will design and implement more advanced personal objectives than those for HSER 294 while continuing practical experience and training in the Twelve Core Functions.  Students will be required to attend classroom seminars to process and discuss field placement experiences. 
PreReq: SUBS 294


Substance Abuse Counseling Electives


SUBS 248 Case Management

Provides knowledge and practical skills to become competent case managers in human services agencies. Develops professional skills in order to teach those who need assistance to manage their own lives within the scope of their resources and abilities. Presents culturally sensitive strategies and strength-based model of case management. 
Special attention will be given to the diverse populations utilizing case management systems.

SUBS 262 Adolescent Counseling

Focus on interpersonal skills needed in counseling adolescents (ages 12 -18 years). Topics include developing effective substance abuse prevention and treatment approaches; screening and assessment; case management; individual, group and family therapy; treatment in the juvenile justice system; and legal and ethical issues.
CoReq. SUBS 268


SUBS 280  Co-Occurring Disorders




SUBS 280 Co-occurring Disorders, formerly known as Dual Diagnosis in Addiction,  is an elective for the  substance abuse counseling program.
It examines the relationship between alcohol and other drug dependency/addiction and psychological/mental disorders.  This course focuses on the identification and assessment of individuals diagnosed with multiple/dual disorders, current treatment approaches, medication, referral procedures, and interfacing with the professional mental health community.
PreReq: SUBS 268 & 270


SUBS 298A Families and Addiction

SUBS 298A Families and Addiction, identifies the effects of chemical use and abuse on the family from the systemic, disease and addiction perspectives. Includes developmental stages and task of family recovery and current treatment approaches, including family psycho-education group counseling.  PreReq: SUBS 268