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Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Screening Results

This simple screening instrument for AOD Abuse is a self-administered form, which was developed by SAMHSA and is widely used to help people determine the need for possible further evaluation.

If you have any questions please feel fee to contact Donnalyn Kalei in her office. She will be happy to set up an appointment with you for further assessment if you feel that is necessary.

Donnalyn N. Kalei, M.Ed., MA, CSAC,

                                            Hawaii Community College                                                               
                                          Social Sciences Department                                                              
                                          200 West Kawili Street                                                                      
                                           Hilo, Hawaii, 96720-4091                                                                   

     Phone:  (808) 933-0701   Fax: (808) 933-0701                                  

Preliminary interpretation of responses:

When reviewing the results of the questionnaire you filled out, please keep in mind the Degree of Risk for AOD chart below.

Score                                  Degree of Risk for AOD Abuse Chart

0 -- 1                                    None to low

2 -- 3                                    Minimal

>4                                        Moderate to high: possible need for further assessment

Interpretation of Reponses:

To find your score, look at the top of the paper you took with you after you filled out the screening tool. Use the ID number on that paper and look for it on this page. Next to your ID number is your score. Please feel free to call with questions and/or to make an appointment for an assessment.                             

002 12
005 12
006 0
009 15
0011 7
0012 2
0034 7
0035 1
0040 0
0041 6
00134 4
00135 3
00137 2
00138 13
00139 0
00140 0