What are UOs?

Unit Outcomes (UOs) describe the measurable experiences, comprehension, skills, and perceptions that students, faculty, staff, or community members will have gained as a result of receiving or participating in services or activities provided by non-instructional service, support, and/or administrative units.

Unit Outcomes Assessment allows faculty and staff to evaluate what and how the unit contributes to the success of students and the College. Unit assessment strategies are intended to encourage conversations about what services the unit offers, how services are provided, how customers will best benefit from the services, and the experiences and perceptions of those served about the skills, knowledge and understanding they have gained as a result of participation in the unit’s activities.

Unit assessments are reported in Annual/Comprehensive Unit Reviews: Program-Unit Review website

Academic Support

Administrative Services

Division of Student Affairs


West Hawaiʻi Pālamanui

Academic Support

Banner and Catalog Support Office

  • Provide accurate and timely updates to the College's catalog
  • Provide accurate and timely updates to the Banner database
  • Provide Banner System training for clerical staff

Computer Services

  1. To be developed

Curriculum Support

  • Provides resources and services to faculty and staff to manage and maintain the College's curriculum information.
  • Works with faculty and staff to ensure that the curriculum stored in the College's curriculum management software system is current, accurate, and complete.

Database Administrator

  • Provide accurate data in a timely manner
  • Extract secondary data to generate reports requested by administrators, faculty, and staff.
  • Will develop applications to extract and analyze data as required.

Institutional Assessment Office

  • Helps foster continuous improvements in teaching, learning and services by providing support and technical assistance, professional development opportunities, and assessment-related services and resources to the College.
  • Promotes evidence-based institutional and academic decision-making by facilitating, coordinating and providing technical assistance to programs, units and administrators for the College's Annual and Comprehensive Review and Integrated Strategic Planning processes.
  • Maintains the College's assessment website, assessment and review reports archives, and assessment and review materials and resources as public resources for the College.

Institutional Research Office

  • Will communicate a clear process for requesting data, information, and services to the campus.
  • Will provide data, training, and support to the College for Annual and Comprehensive Program and Unit Reviews.
  • Provides data and information to the campus.

Instructional Technology Support

  • Faculty will be increasingly comfortable integrating current instructional technology into curriculum due to the Instructional Technology Support Office's Laulima training and support.
  • The online faculty, department chairs and administration will have clear and current information about distance education.

Hale Kea Advancement and Testing Center

  • Provide testing and academic support services to promote student success
  • Provides computer access for students
  • Provides the College with make-up testing services
  • Students who receive tutoring will pass their tutored courses (System-wide SLO).

The Learning Center

  • Students who receive tutoring will pass their tutored courses. (System-wide SLO)
  • Provides tutoring/academic support services to promote student success.
  • Provides computer access for students.
  • Provides the College with make-up testing services.

Media Services

  • The unit will provide media equipment and media services to HawCC.
  • The unit will respond to work requests to satisfy user deadlines, as closely as possible, to avoid user downtime or delay.

Edwin H Mookini Library

  • The student will evaluate information and its sources critically. (UHCC common SLO)
  • The library will provide an introduction on how to find and evaluate information.
  • The library will provide access to resource materials.

Star GPS / Transfer

  1. Assist in building, updating and maintaining the STAR GPS system for student registration
  2. Create and distribute data reports as requested
  3. Collaborate with UH System-wide STAR GPS project coordinators

Student Success Coordinator

  1. To be developed

Web Support

  • The Web Developer provides assistance to units and programs to meet the College's webpage needs.
  • The Web Developer provides continuous support and improvement of the HawaiiCC web site by responding to faculty and staff in an effective and timely manner.
  • The Web Developer provides a long-range vision and strategy for the HawaiiCC web site that recognizes current trends and embraces emerging technologies.

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Administrative Services

Budget and Fiscal

  • Provide continuous budget support to faculty and staff in an effective and timely manner.

Business Office

  • Conduct training and information sessions on key business practices.

Human Resources

  • Provide information and resources to supervisors to assist them in evaluating APT and civil service employees.
  • Provide continuous human resources support to HawCC employees in an effective and timely manner.

Planning, Operations, and Maintenance

  • Maintain operations to comparable measures for Key Performance Indicators for work orders, key requests, and facility use requests
  • Maintain and improve customer satisfaction
  • Meet or exceed expectations for Cost per Unit Area when compared to service industry standards


  • Objectives in development

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Division of Student Affairs

Admission and Records Office

  • The Admissions & Records Office will process admission applications in a timely manner.
  • The Admissions & Records Office will deliver excellent and efficient customer service.
  • The Admissions & Records Office will provide clear, pertinent and accurate policy and procedural information through a variety of media.

Career and Job Development Center

The Career and Job Development Center has developed Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) as well as Unit Outcomes (UOs) that focus on the unit's outreach efforts in the community.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to develop, create, refine, adjust, and manage a Career Plan based on strengths, attitudes, values, interests, skills, and goals.
  • Students will be able to master academic, occupational, and general employability skills in order to obtain, create, maintain, and/or advance in employment.


Unit Outcomes

  • The Career and Job Development Center will collaborate with faculty to develop and implement job preparation curriculum.
  • The Career and Job Development Center will conduct outreach and collaborate with employers to develop employment opportunities for students, graduates, and alumni.
  • The Career and Job Development Center will partner with community employment agencies to develop employment opportunities and to sponsor community activities and events.

Counseling, Advising and Support Services Unit (CASSC)

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Student will identify career and/or academic goals and develop a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Student will identify and utilize campus and community resources.
  • Student will identify the requirements to maintain or return to good academic standing.


Unit Outcomes

  • CASSC will provide students the information, tools and resources needed to navigate through the college system.
  • CASSC will collaborate with colleagues and community partners to promote student success.
  • CASSC will promote a healthy, safe and respectful campus environment.
  • CASSC will engage in continuous professional development in support of student success.

Financial Aid Office

  • The Financial Aid office will assist students who otherwise would not be able to pay for their educational costs to attend college.

Hāʻawi Kōkua Disability Services

  • Through participation in Ha'awi Kokua, our students will be able to self-advocate, and seek and utilize college and community resources.
  • Members of the campus community will increase their awareness and understanding of the needs of students with disabilities through outreach and advocacy by Ha'awi Kokua staff

Information Center

  • The Information Center will provide pre-admission information to interested students and community groups/organizations; this information will be provided through telephone, our online website, email, and in-person.
  • Information will be distributed through various media outlets including email broadcasts, posted flyers, in-person campus tours, and our social media sites-Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Mental Health and Wellness Center

  • Through participation in the Mental Wellness and Personal Development Service, students will report that they have increased insight into their concerns and the personal resources and skills they can utilize to move forward.
  • Students will have the ability to seek out campus and community services as necessary.
  • Faculty /staff will report that they feel supported and encouraged to seek clinical consultation with the Mental Wellness and Personal Development Service as they develop a deeper understanding of mental health/abuse-related issues and how they impact students.

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Apprenticeship Program

  • Apprentices will develop skills and knowledge to be successful in the workplace.
  • Apprentices will develop thinking and working skills to be able to make decisions and solve field problems
  • Apprentices, upon completion, will continued to be employed or obtained in gainful employment.

Intensive English Program (IEP)

  • Apply writing and critical thinking skills to personal and academic assignments.
  • Apply appropriate skills to read, comprehend and respond to introductory-level academic and authentic texts.
  • Apply listening and speaking skills to lectures, presentations, and in-class discussions.
  • Understand grammar concepts and apply them to the other skill areas.

Non-Credit Programs

  • Provide training relevant to the Hawai'i Island community.
  • Maintain a pool of highly-qualified instructors.
  • Effectively communicate courses and services to the community.

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West Hawaiʻi Pālamanui

West Hawaiʻi Pālamanui Student Affairs

  • Provides on-going support and academic training for instructional faculty advisors.
  • Continues ot collaborate with public secondary schools to encourage highly motivated and academically and/or vocationally-talented high school juniors and seniors to enroll in HawCC and get credit for both college and highs chool credit. These students will have the choice of participate in the Running Start program or Early Admit program.
  • Identifies challenges and strengths to develop an academic plan for student success.
  • The WH Student Life Advisor will work with Student Council to promote and oversee campus activities for students.
  • The Ha'awi Kokua Specialist will ensure that all students who qualify for accomodations receive accomodations in a timely manner.
  • Increase the number of students, particularly Native Hawaiians, who transfer to HawCC-WH to UH-Hilo or any other 4-year institution.
  • Increase the number of students who participate in Halaulani Transfer workshops/events in WH in Grant Year 4 (October 1, 2013-September 30, 2014) and in subsequent years.
  • Provides continuous tracking of services rendered through the office among students, faculty/staff and community.
  • Increase the number of students attending Mandatory New Student Orientation (MNSO) from the previous year.
  • The WH Student Affairs Advisor will provide pre-admissions information to propestice students through outreach to in the high schools and community.

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