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BIOL 101

General Biology


Introductory Biology course for non-majors. Covers molecular biology to ecosystems.

BIOL 156

Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands


The formation of the Hawaiian Islands, establishment and evolution of their native flora and fauna, effects on man.


General Bio-Chemistry


Inorganic and bio-organic chemistry and biochemical concepts as they apply to living systems.

BOT 101

General Botany


Introductory course in plant biology. Topics include, cell structure and function, plant tissues and organs, reproduction and genetics.

BOT 130

Plants in the Hawaiian Environment


Identification, ecology and usage of common native and introduced plants found in Hawaii.

CHEM 100

Chemistry for Non-Science Majors


Basic concepts of Chemistry

ECON 120

Principles of Economics


Analyze market mechanism, prices, competition and the efficient allocation of scarce resources. Formulates possible solutions to contemporary issues, such as Environmental Pollution.

GEOG 101

Geography and the Natural Environment.


Survey of the natural environment of the earth, distribution and interrela-tionship of climate, vegetation, soil and landforms, with a focus on Hawaii and the Pacific.

GEOG 102

World Regional Geography


Geographic aspects of contemporary economic, social and political conditions, will be studied as they relate to human, use of and impact on, the land and resources.

GEOG 122

Geography of Hawaii


Survey of the physical and cultural geography of the Hawaiian Islands, with emphasis on volcanic landforms, coastal features, climate and vegetation, population, settlement, agriculture, economics and land use.


Science of the Sea


An examination of, geological, physical and biological aspects of the ocean, including, sea water properties, currents, waves, tides, and marine ecological principles.


Intermediate Oceanography


An examination of the methods and results of marine science applied to various problems in geological, physical, chemical and biological oceanography.

PHIL 120

Science Technology and Values


Addresses the relationship between science, technology and human values, with a focus on contemporary problems posed by developments in modern science.

SCI 124

Introduction to Environmental Science


An introduction to ecological principles. Explore causes and solutions of present environmental problems.

SSCI 111

Humanity, Society and Technology


Humanity's existence in a changing society brought about by rapid techno-logical advancements. Trends, current issues and future global alternatives for Man's survival.

SSCI 150

Ecology and Society


Examine how the relationship between the individual and the natural environ-ment is mediated through society.

SSCI 250

Environmental Issues


Interdisciplinary course requires students to synthesize the skills, knowledge and understanding of environmental issues. Students will be required to research and evaluate an issue relevant to our environment in Hawaii.

ZOOL 101

Principles of Zoology


The biology of animals: Kinds of animals, their structure, evolutionary rela-tionships, physiology and ecology.