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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

This program is designed to provide for entry‑level employment in hotels, full‑service restaurants, fast food restaurants, institutions (schools, hospitals, corrections, etc.) and private clubs. Accredited by the American Culinary Federation since July 2005

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Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion, students are prepared to:

  • Apply appropriate ethics for purchasing and receiving in the culinary industry.
  • Demonstrate proper work attitudes and work habits.
  • Demonstrate general knowledge of culinary departmental functions and their relationship.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the culinary industry business operations.
  • Demonstrate entry-level proficiency in technical skills required in the culinary industry according to the American Culinary Federation.
  • Choose an appropriate career path based on industry knowledge or requirements.
  • Apply appropriate etiquette, appearance, and hygiene as required by industry standards.
  • Demonstrate skills necessary for acquiring a job in the culinary field.
  • Integrate their knowledge of Hawai‘i’s culture and food into cuisine.
  • Apply nutritional concerns to the creation of menus

Course Learning Outcomes


West Hawaii

  • Paul Heerlein
    Program Coordinator - West Hawaii
    Phone: (808) 969-8838


Lab Assistant

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs at Hawai‘i CC are an integral part of the local community and reflect its day-to-day life. Close cooperation among the faculty, employers, and employees in the community is maintained. One of the most effective formal means of providing for this type of cooperation is the Program Advisory Council. These groups advise their respective programs of training needs and new developments in the field. Councils include employers, alumni, and others knowledgeable about the field. 

Culinary Arts - East Hawai’i Advisory Council: 

  • Karlee Fergerstrom-Kalalau, Sous Chef, Hilo Bay Cafe
  • Jayson Kanekoa, Executive Chef, Waikoloa Beach Marriot Resort and Spa
  • Mimi Mendoza, Executive Pastry Chef, Senia
  • Chad Yamamoto, Executive Chef, Merrimans Waimea

Culinary Arts - West Hawai‘i Advisory Council:

  • Muzzy Fernandez, Cook I, Instagrindz
  • Michelle Gomez, Senior Executive Sous Chef, Sheraton (Marriott Intl) and Private Estate Chef
  • James Govier, Cook, Sheraton
  • Jean Marc Heim, Chef Consultant, Private Chef
  • Patti Kimball, Owner, Kimball Catering
  • Ken Love, Executive Director, Hawai‘i Master Food Preservers
  • Daniel Sampson, Executive Pastry Chef, Hotel Fairmont Orchid
  • David Viviano, Executive Chef, Hotel Fairmont Orchid

Each year Hawai'i Community College Culinary Arts students in Hilo prepare Thanksgiving meals to serve the public. Big Island Video News created this story about the project in 2017.