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Reopening Steering Committee Fall 2021

campus view from Hale Aloha

The Hawaiʻi Community College is committed to providing quality instruction while ensuring the safety of faculty, staff and students. Using the fall 2020 guidelines, fall 2021 will follow a Kauhale approach to inform the most effective technology-based learning environment this coming semester while deploying appropriate social distance and sanitation measures within our campuses.

Kauhale Approach (Shared Governance)

The campus has identified a Steering Committee and Working Groups focused on the central coordination of key planning areas. Members of our Kauhale on these teams are guided by our capacity and commitment to:

  • Practice adaptive leadership on behalf of the success of students.
  • Consider systemic and transformative approaches in developing and implementing the Fall 2020 reopening plan.
  • Honor our pikos of piko ʻī (open mind), piko ʻō (open heart) and piko ʻā (open will) in this undertaking.



The committee has kuleana to:

  1. Develop and deploy a communication plan during this process.
  2. Guide and provide feedback to the working groups that are.
    1. Grounded by data while planning for unknowns
    2. Comprehensive analysis of impacts before actions
  3. Oversee the deployment of resources necessary to implement the plan. This includes the allocation of the CARES ACT funds
    1. Develop guiding principles and priority criteria for resource allocation
    2. Review resource requests against priority criteria
    3. Recommend requests to be allocated

Members: Chancellor (Convener), Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Administration, College Council Chair, College Council Vice Chair, Academic Senate Chair, Academic Senate Vice Chair, Student Government President, Student Government Vice President-Hilo, Student Government Vice President-Pālamanui, Hoʻolulu Council Chair, Kō Educ Center Director.

Tasked to work with the other work groups to design, implement, and provide professional development opportunities for faculty, instructors, lecturers, staff and students while ensuring students have the success components required to persist and thrive in higher education.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Joni Onishi (Convener)

Instructional Working Group
Sub Group 1 -- Course Delivery Modalities (Melanie and Jessica working with DCs)
Sub Group 2 -- BANNER (SherrieAnn, Lisa, Larissa, Kanoe)
Sub Group 3 -- Classroom/Lab/Shop Facilities including equipment and sanitation (Steve, Neal, Roger, Laurel, George, Sam, No`el, Claudia, Melanie, Jessica)
Sub Group 4 -- Professional Development (Leanne, Lisa, Michelle, Claudia, No`el, Tanya)

Student Government members -- Jeffrey Yamauchi, Kalae (Irma) Yonemura

Tasked to work across the departments to identify, design, and implement specific actions to support student services and academic coursework as the campus reopened for Fall 2020. This workgroup focused on identifying resource and training needs to be able to continue and strengthen virtual service delivery and to safely open for face-to-face service delivery.

Status: No longer convening.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Dorinna Cortez (Convener). Other members include:

  • Lisa Fukumitsu, Student Success Center,
  • Kalehua Kukahiko, Academic Advisor Kō Educ Center,
  • Alan Ku, Testing & Tech Spec Kō Educ Center
  • Mari Giel, Disability Svcs
  • Helen Nishimoto, Student Gov Pres
  • Kim Stevens-Suguitan, SG CoVP Manono
  • Nate Roberts, Academic Counselor Pālamanui
  • Melany Ayudan, Secretary VCSA
  • Kirk Mikami, Admin & Fiscal Support Bus Office
  • Tiana Hirota, Prog Mgr EDvance
  • Kate De Soto, Mental Health Counselor
  • Kesha Kubo, Information Center Coord.
  • Glenn-Dee Kuwaye, Outreach & Recruit Coord
  • Kenoa Dela Cruz, Counselor
  • Laurel Gregory, Pālamanui
  • Kaleo Pilago, Hale Kea Testing Center

The Facilities Working Group was tasked with identifying, preparing, and maintaining safety and sanitation measures at all campus locations based on requests from the Program and Services Working Groups. This work group met over the course of a couple of months to research County of Hawaii and State of Hawaii rules and orders, as well as CDC, OSHA, and Department of Health guidelines for the planning and preparation for a safe reopening in Fall 2020. The culmination of their efforts resulted in the Phased Reopening Plan which aligns with the phases as outlined in the State Roadmap to Recovery and Resilience, as well as the University of Hawaii COVID-19 Guidelines.

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, Ken Kaleiwahea (Convener)

George Paleudis - Pālamanui Facilities
Alan Ku - Kō Education Center Facilities
Steve Schulte - IT
Neal Uehara - Media
Roger Thomas - Media
Helen Nishimoto - Student Gov Pres


On behalf of the Reopening Fall 2020 Steering Committee and Working Groups members, we offer you the following updates.

Hoʻolulu Council Chair, Kumu Ākea Kiyuna shares:

ʻAʻohe hana nui ke alu ʻia. No task is too big when done together by all.

(Pūkuʻi, 1983) ʻŌlelo Noʻeau #142

To reinforce what our Kauhale stands for, especially in this time of uncertainty and change, we need to keep in mind that we are all in this together. Yes, we now have so much more to do for our students, but weʻve already done so much to help them get through the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester and as a kauhale, we must strive to maintain that aloha and support for everyone. As the ʻōlelo noʻeau states, no task is impossible if shared and taken up by all.

Steering Committee Updates: Chancellor Rachel Solemsaas shares:

The Steering committee consisting of our shared governance councils have met on May 22 and June 5. During this time, we have:

  • Develop and review communication plans for the campus. This includes a new website where updates or our progress will be posted every other week during these summer months.
  • Discussed the Student Survey, analysis and recommendations by KAIAC.
  • We have also adopted guiding principles and priority criteria for the use of CARES ACT Funding. They are:


Guiding Principles CARES ACT Funding

We honor and commit to:

  • Fulfilling our mission through our stated goals of 1) meeting the educational needs of our Kauhale, 2) ensuring student success and 3) strengthening our Kauhale
  • Ensuring an inclusive, participatory and transparent process
  • Making decisions supported by data and rigorous analysis (quantitative and qualitative)

Priority Criteria:

  1. Capacity for online programs and virtual services
  2. Health & Safety Campus (safety, social distancing and sanitation measures)
  3. Enrollment MNGT (outreach, retention, completion)

Ranking Considerations:

  • all three priorities are met
  • # of students, faculty, staff affected

Working Group Updates:

Programs: VCAA Joni Onishi shares:

Faculty were asked for professional development needs via a survey that closed on June 2nd. There were 66 responses and six faculty offered to share their knowledge and experiences. Training and workshops are being planned to be offered during the summer; stay tuned.

Here again is the link to Resources for Students. It includes resources, videos, and links to help students be successful in their distance delivered classes.

Deans and Division Chairs (DCs) worked with instructors to finalize their Fall 2020 Course delivery modalities. Changes to BANNER will be made soon.

SERVICES: VCSA Dorinna Cortez shares:

This working group has met twice. Discussions focused on identifying resources and training needs to be able to continue and strengthen virtual service delivery and to safely open for face-to-face service delivery. Ken joined us on June 4 to answer questions related to facilities and disinfecting supplies/equipment. The group developed a template for resource/training requests. Dorinna will be compiling and providing to the Steering Committee these requests for prioritization and funding.

FACILITIES: VCAS Ken Kaleiwahea shares:

This working group has met several times and will meet every other week. Our discussions have focused on social distancing requirements, sanitation protocols, COVID classroom capacities, sourcing of sanitation supplies and PPE, and taking in requests from the other working groups as it relates to facilities. The goal of this working group is to produce a Phased Reopening Plan that will provide guidance on social distancing and sanitation for each phase, as well as our planned response and contact tracing in the event that someone within our campus community tests positive for COVID. The working group has been compiling official guidance from the CDC, EPA, Department of Health, and any other information based on scientific data that will help inform our decision making. As the other working groups focus on their programmatic needs for space/facilities, this group will be responsible for the implementation and prioritization of addressing those needs through our Phased Reopening Plan.

Notes from your Shared Governance Councils

College Council

  • New College Council Chair for AY20-21 is Jeff Fujii supported by new Vice -Chair Reshela DuPuis Feel free to reach out if you have concerns or questions for the College Council or leadership.
  • Below are your College Council representatives for the 2020-21 Academic Year. For those listed, if you’re not representing your area this year, please contact Jeff Fujii
  • Meetings are regularly held on the second Fridays of the month. During Fall 2020, meetings will be held virtually via Zoom; the links will be shared publicly in the College Council’s monthly Agenda posted on the College Council website
  • For more info please visit our College Council website
Career and Technical Education Bernard “Chip” Michels
Liberal Arts & Public Services Department Chairs on rotation:
Meidor Hu
Robyn Kalauli
Trina Nahm-Mijo
Pamela Scheffler
Academic Support Kaleo Pilago
Student Affairs Larissa Leslie
Administrative Services Tennille Kephart
EDvance Christine Quintana
Hawaiʻi CC – Pālamanui Laurel Gregory
Office of the Chancellor Thatcher Moats
Academic Senate Chair David Tsugawa
Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi – Hawaiʻi Community College (ASUH-Hawaiʻi CC) President Helen Nishimoto
Hoʻolulu Council Chair Ākeamakamae Kiyuna
North Hawai‘i Education & Research Center (NHERC) Mona Bolosan

The College Council sends best wishes to all faculty, staff and administrators in hopes that everyone has a safe and healthy summer. Aloha a hui hou and please remember to mālama yourselves, your ‘ohana and community!

Associated Students of the University of Hawai’i (ASUH) Hawai’i Community College Student Government

  • Student Government meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons to discuss and address numerous issues that affect students.
  • Student Government is currently reviewing the changes in the financial aid process and has drafted and forwarded a resolution to administrators regarding these changes. The resolution also mirrors the Academic Senate Resolution 2020-1.
  • If you are working with students who are experiencing any issues and can’t seem to get the help that they need, please do not hesitate to refer them to us.
  • Student Government will be creating an introductory video of themselves, Student Government, the office location and contact information, and an offer to assist students with any problems or issues they might be facing. Student Government will also insert relevant Covid reopening information. This video will be sent to instructors, who will then be asked to paste the link into their syllabi.
  • The following table is a list of the elected Student Government Officers and Senators: There are several vacancies, but we do have several interested candidates, and are in the process of filling these.
ASUH President Helen Nishimoto
ASUH Co-Vice President-Hilo Kim Stevens-Suguitan
ASUH Co-Vice President-Palamanui Irma “Kalae” Yonemura
ASUH Secretary  
ASUH Treasurer  
ASUH Student Senators- Hilo Michael Godfrey
Jeff Yamauchi
ASUH Student Senators- Palamanui  
ASUH Advisor-Hilo Claudia Wilcox-Boucher
ASUH Advisor- Palamanui Toni Cravens-Howell

Update from the Steering Committee

The steering committee met on June 19. Here are our updates.

Update on Budget Planning.

  • The Council of Revenue May 29 update (see table on page 3) provided an overview of the budget challenges we are facing. By 2026, revenues are projected at $7.3 billion, which is still lower than what we have in 2019 at $7.9 billion. Our legislature is scheduled to convene on June 22 until Jul 10 to tackle this and provide state agencies guidance to balance the budget. For more information, go to the latest UH News on this topic using this link.
  • For the meantime, we are losing 8 tuition funded "T" positions as of June 30.
  • We have 40 vacant positions that are currently in the budget bill to be eliminated. The bill is now with the Governor to sign. We were informed that there is a possibility that the bill can be amended to restore some of these positions.
    • 13 APT
    • 13 Civil Service
    • 14 Faculty - 13 permanent, 1 temp

Follow up on Student Survey on Technology support

ASG requested that we let students know how they can assist our community expand broadband or WIFI access. The DCCA Broadband site noted below includes:

Broadband Deployment Information

“Internet Speed Map” Tool

DCCA has created this tool to allow residents to report their home internet service to create a crowd-sourced map of Hawaii’s broadband landscape. To access the “Internet Speed Map” tool click here.

“No Internet Service” Mapping Tool

DCCA has created this tool to allow residents to map their location to report that no internet service is available in their community by mapping that location. This information can help identify unserved or underserved locations to assist policymakers and other stakeholders in efforts to improve connectivity to those areas.

To access the “No Internet Service” mapping tool click here.

CARES ACT Funding Allocation

Using the priority criteria, the committee was able to recommend allocation to CARES Act Funding requests made by each working group. The requests include:

Equipment $248,942.58
Infrastructure $2,221.02
PPE $17,776.93
Sanitation $57,878.88
Signage $1,100.00
Software/Apps $24,077.40
Student Employment $136,400.00
Professional Development $104,000.00
Instructional Materials &Equip $42,351.50
Totals $634,748.31

Given the above, procurement of these items are underway.

Instructional Working Group Update

In order to ensure the health and safety of our students, instructors, and staff, all classrooms were reconfigured to accommodate social distancing reducing the classroom capacity. This forced all classes scheduled face-to-face pre-COVID to transform into one of these seven delivery modalities. There is a process to transition classes from its original modality to its new modality, including an alert to students. All this takes time; please be patient as classes are strategically being transitioned. Classes delivering 100% Asynchronous Completely Online Class (via Laulima) (Modality 2), have been updated and appear on Class Availability and STAR. Modality #1, 100% Synchronous Online Class (via Web-conferencing like Zoom, Google Hangout, or RealPresence) are currently being transitioned. Instructors are encouraged to reach out to their students to make them aware of delivery modality and any required tools necessary to participate.

Based on survey results, the Professional Development subgroup is organizing training and will soon get a tentative schedule out to the campus. The Schedule will include both facilitated training as well as on-demand resources, with the facilitated training being offered in July and August. Details are still being worked out, but faculty and lecturers may be eligible for stipends for participating.

The Classroom/Lab/Shop Facilities subgroup is working with Facilities Working Group to ensure the needed equipment and capabilities to accommodate Modalities #4, #5, #6 are available in the classrooms. They are also taking inventory of supplies and equipment needed by instructors to deliver instruction from their office computers.

Services Working Group Update

The Services working group continued to plan how services can be delivered on site and virtually in order to support our students and our community as we reopen. The attached grid outlines the plans of the different areas. It also includes resources needed to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place for the sites. For more information, go to this link.

After resources are allocated, the group will continue to meet to support implementation for the areas.

Facilities Working Group Update

The Facilities Working Group is working on a draft Phased Reopening Plan based on the official guidance from the CDC and Department of Health as well as guidelines for reopening the campus from the UHCC System office. The draft plan will be released in mid-July for review and feedback from the Kauhale. The group will also assist in the procurement of PPE, sanitation supplies, and signage needed to reopen Manono, Palamanui and Ko Education Center.