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Activities - Pālamanui Project

volunteers passing rocks Mahealani Pai disassembles the ahu rock by rock. Each rock is then passed from one person to another. The last person places the rock on a trailer which will be used to transport all the rocks to a temporary, safe location.
putting rocks on trailer Tim Oropallo (Kealakehe Construction Academy) helps place rocks on the Construction Academy trailer so they can be safely moved.
moving rocks from the ahu Stan Cantor (Konawaena Construction Academy) and Reuben Chip (Honokaʻa Construction Academy) help with the moving of rocks from the original ahu.
truck moving rocks Construction Academy faculty, truck and trailer helped safely move the rocks from the original ahu to a safe location.
temporary ahu location The reconstructed ahu will remain in its temporary location until it can be permanently built on the Hawaiiʻi Community College Pālamanui campus.