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Registration Information

Let's get you registered for classes at HawaiiCC! We are excited to take this journey with you. We have in-person classes on Hawaii Island. We also have hybrid or online courses for individuals seeking a different learning structure.

You will find on this webpage pre-registration checks, registration dates, and the STAR GPS platform where your registration magic happens. As you scroll down, you will find class information, campus maps, book options, STAR tutorials, and FAQ's about registration.

Pre-Registration Checks

Items that need to be completed before you register for classes.

  • Completed the online application 
  • Received an acceptance email
  • Cleared your health clearances via Med+Proctor
    • Click register new account
    • Health clearances are required for any in-person or hybrid classes
  • Cleared any registration holds

Registration Dates

The specific date you may begin to register is assigned based on your student standing.


Term Registration Open Date First Day of Classes
Spring 2024 Nov-6-2023 Jan-08-2023
Summer 2024 Apr-1-2024 May-20- 2024
Fall 2024 Apr-1-2024 Aug-26-2024
Spring 2025 Nov-4-2024 Jan-13-2025
Summer 2025 Apr-7-2025 May-19-2025
Fall 2025 Apr-7-2025 Aug-25-2025

Let’s get you registered!

How to Register Video Tutorial

Star for Students Tutorial

Click the links below to access online tutorials, the STAR Registration Help Book, and the STAR system office for assistance:

Star Navigation Assistance

Get help using the new STAR GPS Registration system by contacting the Counseling Office at 934-2720 (Hilo) or 969-8816 (Palamanui)

Star Technical Assistance


For assistance with navigating the new system, the Counseling Office in Hilo and Palamanui will offer sessions to provide hands-on assistance. Please contact the Counseling Office at 934-2720 (Hilo) 969-8816 (Palamanui) or Star Help Center.

A Change of Major must be completed and submitted to the Records Office to change your major officially. Once the change is made, STAR will begin to default to your new major two weeks before the start of the new semester. In the meantime, the student can do a "What If Journey" to determine how courses already taken will apply to the new major.​

Further detailed information about the course can be found by clicking on the down arrow in the class selection portion of STAR:

star crn image


Students with holds will still be able to use a "Preview" feature that will allow you to build a course schedule. However, you cannot submit your registration until the hold has been resolved. Please note that classes selected during the Preview are not held, so other students can still fill up seats in the classes selected. The only way to lock in registration is to resolve the hold and click the "submit registration" button while the classes are still available.

Students on catalog years before Fall 2013, Unclassified students, or Early College/Early Admit students do not currently have a prescribed STAR Graduation Pathway. Registration can be completed in the STAR GPS Registration system using the "Personal Choice" option. This allows students to select from any course that is offered. For assistance with registering, please see a Counselor or Advisor.​

All prerequisites and requirements for courses are still in effect. Students who receive these errors but believe they are eligible to register for this course must receive an override from the instructor before being able to register for the class.

We continuously strive to ensure the STAR GPS Registration system's accuracy and ease of use. If you suspect your planner is showing an error, please contact the Counseling Office or the Records Office nearest you to report and resolve your situation. Thank you for your patience and assistance