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Meeting Notes
Thursday, April 7, 2005
Present: Marilyn Bader, Chris Iha, Marsha Okajima, Keala Pihana, Wilt Watanabe, Mai Wong, James Yoshida, Beth Sanders (recorder)
I.    Determine if a college-wide survey tool is needed to gather information for the 2006 Self-Study.
There is a need for a survey. Marsha reported one of standard 3’s subcommittees already distributed a survey since they need feedback now.

Marilyn reported the 2000 survey was done early in the fall semester. Discussion followed on the reliability of student survey results from early fall since many students would be in their first semester of college.  It was finally agreed that fall 2005 for a student survey was the most realistic option.

Keala reported student government was discussing doing a survey. Their plan is to make it an event with prize give-aways, etc. to encourage students to complete the survey. She agreed to let student government and John Carroll know we might like to add some questions to the survey.
A.    Do we want to use an instrument similar to the 2000 Self Study?
The merits of paper pencil versus an online survey where discussed. It was agreed that online would be preferred. Keala reiterated that Student Government’s plan was to do paper and pencil.
Utilizing at least some of the questions from the 2000 survey would permit some trend analysis.
B.    If a survey is needed, what other questions need to be added for your particular standard or constituency?
It was agreed that the standards would submit questions to Beth Sanders for consideration at the next Accreditation Steering Committee.
C.    If a survey is needed, should it be an online or paper-and-pencil survey?
The point was made that technology is one of HawCC’s cornerstones so an online survey would be more appropriate. The feasibility of doing a ”5 question taste test” survey using email was suggested.
D.    Other
1.    Date to Administer Faculty Survey
After much discussion it was agreed that administering a paper pencil survey at the fall All-College Meeting would get the best results. This would necessitate questions being agreed on prior to the end of the semester and the survey being developed during the summer.
2.    Existing Surveys
The use of existing surveys was discussed since they would permit a trend analysis which is something ACCJC is emphasizing. The need to have a regular survey completed every semester or year (not just when accreditation comes around) was also discussed. Beth Sanders agreed to research the following existing surveys and report back to the members as soon as possible.

  • CSSE survey, Graduate Leaver Survey, and HawCC Instructor Evaluation survey

 II.Determine whether the recent progress report sent to ACCJC should be available on the website.
The recent progress report should be in the library. It would be nice to have an electronic version (without signatures) somewhere.
III.        Other issues which are coming up in your Standards groups which might concern everyone else.
Mai Wong expressed concern about things going on at the system level that HawCC faculty/staff are not aware of; for instance, adopting a system wide curriculum software program and switching from WebCT to a similar online teaching mechanism that is free.
IV.An alternative meeting date for May, since May 5 is English scoring day.
May 12 at 9:00am in Conference Room 6A was set as the date for the final meeting of the semester. Keala agreed to schedule the room.

Format for the Accreditation Self Study Report
Standard 1
Institutional Mission Effectiveness

A. Mission
The institution has a statement of mission that defines the institution’s board educational purposes, its indented student population, and its commitment to achieving student learning.
A.1. The institution establishes student learning programs and services aligned with its purposes, its character, and its student population.

Descriptive Summary
The agendas and minutes of the college council………………….document the extensive discussion that has occurred……………………. The college’s mission statement is reflected in…………
Self Evaluation
The college meets (does not meet, partially meets) the standard. Evidence that the College is addressing the needs of its student population is documented in many ways including………………..
Planning Agenda
Hawaii Community College will re-evaluate its mission statement……………… The development of student learning outcomes is ongoing and institutional dialogue regarding SLOs………………………….
A.2. The mission statement is approved by the governing board and published.
Descriptive Summary
Self Evaluation
The college……………..
Planning Agenda
Hawaii Community College………….
Page setup standards should be used by all persons and committees submitting text for the Accreditation Report. These standards are

  1. Top and bottom margins: 1 inch
  2. Right and left margins: 1 ¼ inch
  3. Font: Arial TIMES NEW ROMAN
  4. Font size: 12
  5. Headings: Bolded

(Taken from March 3 Accreditation Steering Committee Meeting Minutes amended on April 7)