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Thursday, January 20, 2005  10:15am
Present:  Trina Nahm-Mijo, Dean Doug Dykstra,, Beth Sanders, Sara Narimatsu, Chris Iha, Marilyn Bader, Pam Hudson, John Marlow, Jim Yoshida, Jennie Padilla, Shawn Flood, Lou Zitnik, Mai Wong
I.  Finalized Committee Membership and Chairs

  • Updated membership list for Steering Committee, Accreditation Standard Committee Membership and Student representatives to the four Standards distributed to members present
  • Beth Sanders, Self Study Co-chair will oversee Standards I and II
  • Jennie Padilla, Self Study Co-chair will oversee Standards III and IV
  • Marilyn Bader will be the editor for Standards I and III
  • Pam Hudson will be the editor for Standards II and IV

II. Additional Document Dispersal

  • Copies of Final and Midterm reports from last accreditation were available for those needing copie

III. Introduction Shawn Flood

  • Institutional Analyst
  • His focus will be on accreditation/assessment
  • Invited faculty to become familiar with the campus and its needs
  • Phone number  974-7512  email
  • Accreditation Chairs and Standard Chairs need to establish communication with him so he can assist in data needed

IV. Ruth Stiehl Facilitator Training Workshop Feb 14 and 15

  • Future Campus facilitators to be trained: Beth Sanders, Marilyn Bader, Pam Hudson, Clyde Kojiro, John Marlow, David Ikeda, Donnalyn Kalei, Jennie Padilla, Mai Wong will participate in the training
  • Each individual will facilitate 2-3 of the 22 programs on campus to develop their program learning outcomes
  • Assessment committee will develop a timeline that the program learning outcomes need to be completed

V. March 4 Learning Day Planning Committee

  • Assessment and Accreditation Steering Committee will plan the day’s agenda
  • Entire campus to be included in the activities for March 4, APT, lecturers, administrators, clerical
  • Possible topics were discussed
    • Mission and cornerstones
    • Program review activities
    • Assessment related to student learning outcomes (SLO)
    • Develop College Learning Outcomes
    • Present a model program learning outcomes for others to model after
    • ​Whole day focus on learning outcomes  1)  morning looking at a model and learning about the process  2) afternoon practice and develop learning outcomes--trained facilitators will facilitate small groups.
  • Produce tangible product – no more only  brainstorming sessions
  • Planning group – Trina Nahm-Mijo, Marilyn Bader, Dean Dykstra and Mai Wong

VI. Other information and discussion

  • Jennie Padilla would like to have calendar for each committee’s meetings dates, times, location, agenda, minutes from meetings, draft reports, goals, objectives, summaries etc. so she can post them on our web site
  • Role of the archivist – keep all citations of each standard – organize in files, hard copies for the library as well as electronic, collaborate with Standard Chairs, library will be located in room next to Dean Dykstra’s office in College Hall
  • Begin looking for a possible meeting space for the Accreditation Team when they come to do our review – a library room was used last visit
  • Shawn and Dean Dykstra will meet to present a graphic representation of the Assessment Process Cycle
  • Faculty may need assistance in writing course SLO’s
  • Academic Development Plan (ADP) needs to be circulated and reviewed with a critical eye – has more in there than we have budget for
  • Meetings
    • May 5 meeting will not be attended by the English faculty – day of the Writing Exam
    • Steering Committee meeting time changed to begin at 9:00am
    • Discussion that next year one College Hour a month be reserved for Accreditation meetings – Trina, Doug and Lou will coordinate
    • 379 room 6A will be reserved every Thursday 9:00-11:00 and may be available for Standard committee meetings after the other meetings have been scheduled – check with Trina
    • Steering committee members asked to reserve Thursdays 9:00-11:00 for meetings for Fall 2005 semester
  • By February 3, 2005 Standard Chairs – communicate with co-chairs to determine the progress made by their groups
  • Goal for Standards committees by the end of the semester – ideas on how to proceed and begin writing and gathering documentation, thoughts on how the themes will be integrated into the document