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Start Here, Go Anywhere

Hawai‘i Community College is a perfect place to begin your higher education journey.

We have an Open Door Policy, affordable tuition, and a welcoming learning environment that can help put you on the right path.

We also have associate degree programs designed specifically for students who plan to transfer to a four-year university after graduating from Hawai‘i Community College.  They are:

These programs are essentially the first two years of a bachelor's degree when you transfer to a University of Hawai‘i campus, such as UH Hilo, UH Mānoa or UH West O‘ahu. (Some four-year programs may require additional classes).

In addition, programs such as Early Childhood Education and Fire Science have agreements with specific universities that allow for easy transfer to bachelor's degree programs.

Getting on the “transfer track” is a great plan for students who are still exploring their interests and for students who want to save money by paying the lower tuition rates Hawai‘i CC offers.

Explore our programs today!

Watch this 30-second Hawai'i CC commercial created by our own Digital Media Arts students!